Coucou les filles ! Aujourd'hui je suis ravie ravie raaaavie de reprendre ma série d'interview de blogueuses avec vous !

Aujourd'hui c'est au tour de la jolie british Adora de passer sur mon blog ! J'adore son univers très anglais, son look rétro et vintage qui l'a rend finalement unique !

Son blog est un véritable bijoux, ses tenues sont magnifiques, et toujours très travaillées. Bref, vous l'avez compris, j'adore, et je vous laisse tout de suite avec la petite interview !:)

J'espère que le fait que l'interview soit en anglais ne dérangera pas trop !

♥  Introduce yourself in a few words Hey, I am Adora from 20 year old living in London to study fashion design. I blog to inspire, I'ts also my little online diary. I am very thrifty & a huge bargain hunter & a lover for vintage. Back home in Surrey I am always shopping in carboot sales. Now that I am in London it's mainly Vintage shops. 

♥  When have you decided to study fashion ? From the age of 12 years old I knew that I wanted to be a designer for fashion clothing. I dreamt of studying in London & having my own fashion label one day called 'Adora Mehitabel'  ♥  Was it your first choice ?
I am naturally really creative, always drawing & creating. My flair for fashion started when I was very little... I loved dressing up, getting all ready in my pretty dresses, often asking my mum to take photographs of the outfits I have styled & worn. I would also do fashion shows and getting my family to sit and watch  ♥  Do you want to make a living out of it ?
I do I do! I haven't changed much at all. It's my absolute passion! It makes me so excited! I dream to be a designer- I am studying Fashion Design in London. And this summer I am looking to do some design internships while I don't have uni. ♥  Which job are you looking for ? To be on a design team for a fashion label. Then when the time is right, gained lots of experience I will adventure out starting up my own fashion label. ♥  How does studying fashion helped you to improve your style / creativity with your outfits ? 
As I design I am always planning outfits in my head before actually having them, it makes shopping so much easier as I am not incisive. I know what I want. If I see it and I can afford it I will buy it in a heart beat. Being around very creative fashion people, it gives you influence & appreciation to lots of looks, styles & design. I always stay true to what I like, I don't just buy it because its 'in trend'. I buy it if actually like it! I totally agree with Coco Chanels quote "Fashion fades but style is eternal" so so true! 

♥ To me you really got the british style as I see it : very colourful, lots of patterns, shapes, and no shame about expressing yourself. ( Which is amazing ! ) . How would you describe the french style ? 
Aww thankyou! Hmm well Whenever I think of French fashion I always imagine Coco chanel, classic black dress, cute blazer & pearls. I have only ever been to France once and it was a very long time ago. I would say very sophisticated, elegance, classic shapes & muted colours. ♥  Which are your favorite vintage shops in London ?
My favourite vintage shop in London is Rokit in Camden, Everything upstairs is £7 or sometimes less. Recently I managed to find a vintage denim Levi jacket for £7! Now that's what I call a true bargain! Other great places for vintage is Bricklane, Stables market in Camden, Covent Garden, Portobello Road. 
♥  Which areas do you recommend to any tourist looking for a nice place to shop ? ( Which is not Oxford Street
I defiantly Recommend Portobello & Camden. Just so much to see & spoilt for choice. From handmade one off pieces, vintage, chain shops, one off shops & cater for all sorts of styles. It's really a fun place to be, makes a great day out! ♥  Your style is very vintage/old school. have you had this style for a long time ? Do you get inspired by celebs, other bloggers, you tubers?
Thankyou! I have always had a love for vintage. My mum used to put me in vintage dresses that she got from charity shops or carboot sales, always been very feminine. I love the amount of intricate detail that is in vintage clothing. My inspiration comes from a number of sources, such as vintage fashion books, to fashion bloggers. As I design and adore fashion, I very much like to style myself. I find it very natural for me to put outfits together. So a lot I just idea myself.

♥  Which items do you think every girl should have ? A Classic red dress is my number one! I think a red dress suits everyone. Secondly a classic satchel, tweed jacket & red lippy. ♥  Now, concerning beauty ! Are you as passionate about cosmetics than fashion ? 
I like beauty but I am defiantly not into it like fashion. I am not a constant cosmetics buyer. I buy very much when I run out. But of course I like a collection of various coloured lipsticks, blushes & nail polishes. I feel you can't have to many of those. Even when it comes to hair, I like to keep mine very natural, I don't dye it & I do change up hair styles time to time, but mainly love it down & curly. 

♥  Which products do you use on an everyday basis to take care of yourself ? 
Two looks that usually do is red lip with black flicks on my eyes - for this I use Rimmel London - Alarm lipstick, Barry M liquid eyeliner, Mac blusher - Well Dressed. I have been using and loving Rimmel London - Match foundation SPF 18 in shade 100 ivory. Rimmel London - Scandal eyes mascara. My new holy grail concealer is Collection 200 lasting perfection in shade 1 fair. It really works wonders & you wouldn't think so because of the price! My second look that I often do is using - Rimmel London- Kate Moss lipstick in shade 19, And using the eye shadows & blushers from Lauren Luke - My Smokey Classics pallet. 
♥  Which are you favorite brands in boots/Superdrug/Space NK .... High street makeup my fave cosmetic brands would be Rimmel London, Mayabelline, Barry M. High end would be Mac, Benefit, Laura Mercier  

♥  And finally, which advices would you give to anyone who would like to start a blog ?
Go for it! You got nothing to loose. Its literally one of the best things I have ever done with my life. When I started I never ever thought I would feel this way & achieve all the things I have achieved. Just be your self & it will shine through. Also do something a little bit different & get creative. I love photography & looking at beautifully presented blogs with lots of detail & character to it. Don't try and be like everyone else! Also don't compare blogs, just look for inspiration & growth. I feel the blogging comunity is one big family & I am so happy to be part of it!

Adora, thanks again for this :D

J'espère que ce post vous aura plu les filles, je vous embrasse bien fort !!