Hello guys ! So today I wanted to share with you some bits & bobs I've picked out recently from different clothing websites. I know, it's a bit early to talk about Christmas and all that jazz, but we all should start of a new wishlist ! I created 3 for this post, and I'll start with this one. Romwe is a shop I adore, even if I never had the opportunity to buy any of their stuff. 
  • The eyeball ring would be just amazing for the fall, I already own a similar one from Topshop but I found this one to be very unique looking and it will surely add something special to any outfit.
  • The booties I just fell in love with at the second I saw them on the website. The heel is just big enough to be comfy in, and the gold detailing on the front is making all the difference. As they are black they would be perfect to pair with some skater skirts, leggings, really anything ! They are a great basic to own in your wardrobe. 
  • The grey dress is something I would personally wear all day long. It's again very basic. But, you can always dress it up or down. You can easily add a belt to it to make it look more feminine. I could see it with a nice chain necklace, the booties, and a nice hat. 
  • The cardigan. O.MY.GOD. I saw this and I was jenfhbgvrhbgbhgr this is amazing ! The perfect shape, and a nice pop of colors to brighten up the fall. And so cheap as well ! This is something so easy to throw on with a pair of jeans/leggings... Again, a must have !!
  • Last but not least, these sunglasses. They are very original. I saw many youtubers wearing this shades, it would not suit everybody for sure, but the vintage style make them very attractive and cool !

For this second wishlist I wanted to mention Missguided. Never bought any of their stuff, But I'm dying to do so ! I discovered this brand thanks to Sammi's Channel (aka Thebeautycrush ). I love what they offer, and I hope I'll be able to make an order soon ! So, here is what I picked out :
  • The Tan Cut out booties : I always saw this type of boots on Sammi's feet. I love the way they look. The heel is perfect here if you are not very comfy with higher ones. They could work both for the fall/spring season in my opinion. Paired with a midi/maxi skirt or dress I think they would look fantastic !
  • The little black hat : I'm not brave enough to wear these, but I wish I was ! Not too long ago I saw a girl wearing this with a black playsuit and it looked incredible. It adds something to the look, a bit of an edge, which is always nice for fall when you want to play a bit with nice accessorizes. 
  • The phone case : I found this case to be very elegant yet original. The cross detailing makes it very "in trend". Plus, it's black and gold, which is very easy and practical to pair with all kinds of outfits.
  • The DIY kit : Could be a very pleasant present, but also a little treat of ourselves! I never tried to dye anything but many videos explain how to do it very well, so, why not !
  • The black purse : I was attracted by the faux leather paired with the faux fur. It still very chic and easy to carry, but is also unique. The shape of it is probably very nice to go to university with, or for the everyday life. And with this price, you can't go wrong !!

Time for some Monki goodies ! I love love love this shop, when I was going frequently to London I always HAD to go to Carnaby Street to visit the shop. I own some of their clothes and the quality is really good, but careful with the sizing! The sizes can quickly be very large and baggy! Anyway, onto the wishlist:
  • The sunglasses : again, some rounded shaped ones. This style is super in trend at the moment. But these have a little extra something with the greenish color. They are super cheap, so why not try them out !
  • The black and white jumper : I saw this pattern a lot on the bloggo, and I love it ! I know it does look a bit granny-ish, but paired with some disco pants, flatforms, or boots, it would look totally fine and modern. For the fall it's a perfect buy !
  • The black purse : when I saw the "hands off" I freaked out ! It's so cute ! As it's black, again, it is very suitable for fall/winter. 
  • The pink beanie : SO CHEAP. I really like the way beanies look and how then can be added very easily to an outfit. I saw them on Cara Delevingne it now I want to buy some for myself ! These are super duper cheap so, why not ! And they will keep your head warm and cosy.
  • The chain necklace : a basic ! For twelve euros it does worth it, as we can probably found the same one in Topshop for probably twice the price !

I hope you enjoyed, many kisses, Victoria