Hellloooo. Today I'm here to write you my second book review. Recently I read The Island, known in french as "L'île des oubliés". The author, Victoria Hislop, won the 2013 reader price in France. This made me confident: a book with a price like this, it must be good !

About the author :

Victoria Hislop, born in 1959, is a British writer. She studied in St Hilda's College, Oxford (where I've spent 8 months ... I feel close to her now !:) ). Before becoming a writer, she worked as a publisher and a journalist. She wrote the Island in 2005, which became a bestseller in Great Britain ! A Greek Channel even made a TV show thanks to this book. How great !!! She then wrote two others novels, The return and The thread (which I should consider to buy and read as well !).

About the story :

So. I don't want, in any cases, to spoil the story before you read the book. But I will try to make my own little preview for you...:) First thing first : this book is dedicated to a family story. A really, really strong story. A family which had always been restless because of one terrible thing.. a disease that took away many lives. You will discover yourself what I'm talking about. This family had to go through poverty, loses, criticizes, but not also. It had known its own lovely times : between the weddings, the hope, friendships, and of course true love.
You will get to know many characters. Mothers, daughters, grand parents, children. All their destinies are different, but they are all united by the same blood. 
The Island of Spinalonga itself can be seen as an entire character. Sometimes cold and unfriendly, the Island could become all of a sudden warm and welcoming. It will be a prison and a nice place to live in. Depending on the year, the season, the inhabitants. The island is mysterious for the strangers : once smiley, once terrifying.

My opinion :

Well... No joke, I loved this book ! It's truly a unique story, and I felt in love with many of the characters. The writing is really nice and flawless. I'm glad I discovered Victoria Hislop thanks to this book. I will highly recommend it to my friends and family ! While reading The Island, I went through many feelings, which was really enjoyable. You can feel like a part of this family. Furthermore, I learned a lot of historic events ! I had never heard of Spinalonga island before, and what it was used for... Now, I even want to visit this place ! Maybe for future holidays, who knows !

I hope you liked this review... :)