Hey guys ! Today I'm, again, writing a book review. Yes, in the summer, I'm obsessed with books. I have always been a big reader, but when I'm at uni, I don't have much time for myself, and for my beloved books. So, when summer arrives.. I start to read as much as I can. To me summer means relaxation. That is to say : beach, friends, music.. and books !! To me they represent a kind of journey, and I love the feeling it gives. Anyway... No, I'm not too crazy. So ! Too much talking. I'm going to do my review now.

About the author :

Before being a writer, Gilles Legardinier worked for American and British cinema companies. He also created ads for television, trailers, and documentaries. As you can tell, he is all about the art and the emotions you can create thanks to it. Now he does movie scripts, but also, of course, novels. He started with thrillers as "L'exil des anges" in 2010 and "Nous étions des hommes" in 2011. More recently he started to write comedies with "Demain j'arrête" in 2011 and "Complètement cramé!" in 2012. 

About the story : 

This is, first of all, a GIRL story. A girl just like us. Julie is a young woman, at her mid-twenties. She is working in a bank, and she hates it. She is single, and had, previously, a very bad relationship. She thinks she is a loser. That she will finish on her own. Hopefully, she can counts on her best friends. They are truly amazing and so supportive. But... A charming young man is moving next to Julie's flat. After that, you will follow her crazy adventures to get to know him: what's his job,is he mad (like his name), is he a bad boy? Will she fall in love with him? Is he going to be the one for her ? Maybe.. Maybe not !

 My opinion :  

I was gobsmacked thinking it was a man who wrote this story. I mean.. Really ?? It's insane ! I think EVERY woman that is going to read this book will identify herself to the main character. Julie is really US, girls. She talks like us, thinks like us, is crazy like us.. She can do anything to seduce, as ridiculous it could be. 
I was laughing every two minutes. This book is amazing :D So funny, realistic... To end up the holidays with a big smile on your face, this is the one !!! :)