Hello there !!! Okay. I might have done another Lush purchase. But this time, it is a product I had never ever tried, and that caught my eyes few days ago. I asked for a little sample of it. I tried it and immediately I've been seduced.  

What it is made of ?

- Sea salt
- seaweeds
- citrus fruits
- lemon
- vanilla
- coconut oil

What for ?

This product is perfect if you need to give more volume to your hair. If they are flat and boring like mine, this is the product you need in your life.  Plus it adds shine. Which is always a bonus, isnt it ? Your hair are left super soft, healthy looking...Yes, you will have Victoria Secret's models kinda hair (#letsprayforit). 
Last but not least, this product has a marvellous smell of Margarita.