Hello everybody , today I'm coming back with a brand new style of article : a book review!
Well, you probably don't know that but I'm a big reader since I was a kid. Both my parents read a lot so I suppose it is in my blood as well:)

The book I've just ended is called Commencement; or "Les débutantes" in french.
The author is J. Courtney Sullivan. She's American, and got an English literature degree from the Northampton University. She started her career as a journalist for the NYT. The commencement is her very first novel.

So, about the book itself. I'm not gonna tell the story, this is not the point ..! Just gonna say some words, and give you my opinion.

Sally, April, Celia & Bree are the four main characters. Four girls. The story is starting from a wedding, but then you go back to their uni years. This, in the aim to get to know the characters better.
These girls are freshers at the Northampton University, well known by the author herself as she studied there ! 
All the girls are coming from a very different "world" : a different town , a different education. But at the end, they'll become the best of friends. 

We discover in this book a very interesting and realistic vision of the way of life in an American university. As the author got a degree here, we are sure that all the descriptions are real. Furthermore, it is not a simple university. More than that, we discover a feminist one. Where the students are well-called " The smithies". Well ladies and gentlemen, what a curious way of mind ! This is kinda far from what we can see in American movies; I promise. Here their are only girls, and convicted ones ! 
You will discover all the traditions, the ceremonies and stuff that are going on in this very particular place. Once again : super interesting !!!

All the girls are growing up and then of course end up their degree. But this is just the beginning for them; and we'll follow their first steps in the "grown up"; "real", "adult" life. This can be funny, sad, hilarious and scary.
You'll see which road their are going to follow, and what will influence their choices.

This is a hard and complicated story. But the story of a real friendship.

I really do recommend this book to everybody, boys and girls. You will not regret it !

Hope you liked this review. Victoria.