Coucou tout le monde ! Ca y est c'est décidé, je reprend mon blog en main! Ici je viens faire un article concernant ma vie en tant que fille au-pair. J'ai passé 8 mois près d'Oxford et je tiens à vous faire partager cela en photos ....!

Hey guys ! This is it, I have decided to write on my blog again, yeah ! Here I am coming to talk to you about my au-pair experience. I have spent 8 months next to Oxford and I want to share that with you within those pictures...!


Les prairies environnants l'université de Christ Church....
The fields surrounding the university of Christ Church college...

Christ church college main entrance

Oxford proper "skyline"....

The dreaming Spires...!

A day in Cambridge.

The strange cocktail names in Camden ...:)

enjoying the tubs..!

Crazy Camden Town .. Lovin' it!

Hello from St Pat' Day :)

Yummy coffees at Costa !

the Shard itself !:)